Community Service

Rancho students complete 6 hours of community service for both their 7th and 8th grade years. The purpose of community service is to step outside of a familiar environment, strengthen a student's senses of civic engagement, and broaden their educational, developmental and social goals. Students are encouraged to find non-profit agencies to volunteer at and complete their hours. They can keep track of their hours on their community service form that was given to them by their social studies teacher. The due date for community service is during the 2nd semester. Please contact your students social studies teacher for the exact date.

Please contact your child's Social Studies teacher if you have any questions regarding Community Service and how it is incorporated as part of the World History/US History grade.

Mr. Nguyen (Innovators)

Mr. Haughey (Masterminds)

Mr. Mupas (Journey)

Mr. Cardoso (Trailblazers)

Mrs. Haughey (All Stars)

2018-2019 Community Service Chart.pdf
RM Service Timesheet Updated.pdf

Community Service Timesheet

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