Instructions for Students:

1) Want to start a new club? Find a Rancho staff member who can be your advisor! Then follow the steps below with your chosen advisor.

Instructions for NEW Club Advisors

1) Make a copy of the club application packet and fill it out

2) Submit your club application packet by filling out the google form below

3) Send an email it to Mrs. Mai

#1 - Club Application Packet

Click here to make a copy of the application. To make a copy, you must be signed into a Google account.

Club Application

#2 - Club Application Packet Submission Form

After completing your application packet, please submit it in the form below or click here to open the form!


  1. At the start of the year, all organizations are asked to submit possible fundraisers during the school year

  2. 30 days before holding the fundraiser, fill out the F-1 Fundraiser Application and submit it to the ASB mailbox for approval

  3. Once approved, you may host your fundraiser. Be sure to have a tally sheet for sales and fill out the blue deposit document when submitting money to the bookkeeper (Kumi)

  4. If the fundraiser includes food and beverage sales, an OP-14 form must be filled out and submitted to ASB.

Policy Documents linked here for detailed information