Attendance & Absence

To Report an Absence:

Call: (408) 635-2656 EXT. 3110


Please leave your student's name, ID #, reason for absence, and your relationship by 9:00 A.M.



Daily attendance in school is compulsory. Your child’s success in school is very dependent on consistent attendance. According to California State law, EC48260 and EC 48260.5, students whom have 3 unexcused absences (full or partial school days) are truant. Parents are obligated to compel their children to attend school, and are held accountable by the law. Per EC48261, the school must report students who are truant to the child welfare and attendance supervisor or the superintendent. Please be advised that if your child has a pattern of absences, we will work with you and the attendance supervisor to correct the problem.

Below are links to the California Department of Education's guidelines to truancy.

Excused Absences Include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision visits with a notice verifying the appointment. Please make every effort to schedule these services after school or on Saturdays whenever possible.

  • Personal illness

  • Illness that has been excused by a medical practitioner; notices require start and end dates, doctor’s signature and office contact phone number for verification purposes

  • Serious family emergency – Subject to administrative approval

  • Funeral for the death of an immediate family member

  • Court appointments

A phone call or a valid explanation is required for each day a student is absent for all or part of a school day. The parent or guardian must call 408-635-2656 before 9:00 am each day of an absence. Please have your child’s name, grade level, and ID # ready when calling in an absence. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. If no call is made, a note from a parent or guardian is required; the student should report to the office before school in order to be readmitted to class.

Turn in all notices directly to the Attendance Secretary or have the doctor’s office fax the notice directly to the school on the first day back at 408-635-2661


Each student is responsible to be on time to all classes before the bell rings. The passing time between classes is four minutes. A student who is tardy without an excuse to any class will be charged with an unexcused tardy, so students can get multiple tardies per day. Any student who is tardy 30 minutes or more to the first class of the day without a parent excuse is considered truant. All students must carry a written pass verifying their authorization to be out of class. Students should use the restrooms before school, at break and lunch, during P.E., or after school.