Rancho Sister School:

Neili Jr. High School

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Rancho Milpitas Middle School looks for opportunities to engage in educational exchanges and to form bonds with other schools doing wonderful work in other parts of our country and world. To this end we join together in sister school relationships with these schools which enable our staff and students to see multiple perspectives and to even more fully appreciate and respect diversity of ideas, practices, and cultures.

Nieli Jr. High School, located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, is our first Sister School. Check out Neili's Facebook page here and their school's website. Below is a brief description of Neili Jr. High:

Nei-Li Branch School was founded in 1961, pertaining to Hsin-Ming Junior High in Chung-Li in 1968. Nei-Li Junior High School was officially named due to the nine-year compulsory education program of the government. Since that time, Nei-Li junior High School has undergone many changes in principals.

The school covers an area of 47000 square meters. A total of nearly 2500 students are enrolled and the number of the faulty is about 200. It's one of the large-sized junior high schools in Taoyuan. 80 classes altogether including one special resource class and three classes at the continuation school where people of all ages may continue their secondary education.

The school continually strives for the development of the healthy mind, fine character, and physical well being of our students through the creation of a secure environment providing opportunities for the students to cultivate their potential, fostering academic excellence, maturity, responsibility and mutual respect. All students are expected to demonstrate effective both the Chinese and the English languages and computational skills and science knowledge. A progressive, innovative, and challenging atmosphere around the campus is read for our students to learn.