History of Our School

In the early days of California, people farmed the land around the Guadalupe River until it became too difficult to work. They would then abandon this land and scout the foothills for places where the winter rains washed down the rich soil. Here they would plant corn, beans, chili, melons, etc. Each spring they would renew their preparations for the little crops. The margin of the hills had many rich spots from which the name Rancho Milpitas was derived. Milpa—meaning cornfields and itas—meaning little. Literally giving the meaning little cornfields to the word Milpitas. The Spanish word Rancho means Ranch. Rancho Milpitas means ranch of little cornfields.

The mascot of Rancho Milpitas Middle School follows this historic theme. The mascot is a Don. A Don represents pride, which our staff and students have in self, family, school and community. Historically, Rancho is built on an original Spanish Land Grant and in keeping with history, the Spanish Don was chosen as the emblem and mascot of our school. The school colors are red and black

As the city of Milpitas grew, so did the need for a Junior High School. Rancho Milpitas Junior High was established in 1967. The official dedication of the school took place on April 17, 1968.